Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong (1988) and Mr. Tran Nam Phong (1993) - two ITC JSC 's experts of Network Infrastructure and Information Security Department - are young staff who have turned their aspirations, dreams and experiences in ITC JSC into a result being recognized worldwide after successfully passing the prestigious CCIE in Australia on 21/09/2017.

Nguyen Thanh Cong (1988) and Tran Nam Phong (1993) - Two new CCIEs of ITC JSC

People working in the telecommunications – IT industry, especially in networking engineers all desire to get CCIE certification. Because this is the highest level of networking certificate in the international certification system of the leading technology company -Cisco Systems. In order to achieve this certification, the two experts have made continuous efforts. From theoretical study to practical deployment opportunities in the major telecommunication operators in Vietnam, in Cambodia, Laos, Africa ... the two experts passed the theory exam in Vietnam and an 8-hour lab practice in Australia to gain CCIE certification.

"In the past, CCIE was overreaching to me. I even never thought that I  could complete this test. My five - year working at ITC JSC has given me a lot of valuable experiences that not many system integrator in Vietnam can bring to staff. In ITC JSC, I have been working a lot, from network technology for enterprises, data center, to Metro network and IP core of service providers (Viettel, VNPT and Mobifone), which helped me grow up. With the encouragement of my colleagues, especially the direct instruction of Mr. Phan Duy Linh - Head of NIIS Department, Phong and I successfully complete the CCIE test on 21/09"- Mr. Cong shared with everyone.

For individuals, gaining CCIE certification not only helps engineers to add a desirable degree in their career, but also gives engineers confidence in consulting, designing, implementating, and technical supporting for large customers. For ITC JSC, receiving two more CCIEs is not just getting two more prestigious engineering degrees, but also be proud to be the ideal workplace for engineers to achieve their ambition of gaining CCIE (in three consecutive years, ITC JSC had two engineers attending and passing the CCIE certificate for the first time each year). In 2015, Mr. Phan Duy Linh passed double CCIE RS / SP and Mr. Nguyen Minh Quan passed CCIE SP. In 2016, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duy passed CCIE RS and Mr. Nguyen Van Chung passed CCIE RS. In 2017, ITC JSC is pleased to welcome two more staffs, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong (CCIE RS) and Mr. Tran Nam Phong (CCIE RS). ITC JSC is a dream land where opportunities are offered to young people with their passion and desire to express themselves. ITC JSC is not only an environment that gives you the opportunity to study, but also gives you the opportunity to work practically on the network of the leading telecommunications and information technology service providers in Viet Nam (Viettel, VNPT, Mobifone), and well-known technology companies in the world (Bitel - Peru, Metfone - Cambodia ...). This provides young people a great deal of experience that no other schools can offer.

The Board of Directors of ITC JSC congratulated the two new CCIEs

During over 22 years of operation, ITC JSC has always maintained its culture. The success of the young CCIEs at ITC JSC is a testimony to ITC JSC's desire to become a home to cherish the dreams and aspirations of youth and to make those ambitions come true.