On April 19, 2017, the signing ceremony of the contract package "Technical design, supply and installation of IN equipment" between VNPT Net and Ericsson AB / ITC Alliance took place at the headquarters of VNPT Net Corporation. This package tender is part of the PPS-IN system project for Vinaphone network in 2016.

In attendance at the ceremony were the representatives of investors, namely Mr. Nguyen Nam Long - General Director of VNPT Net, Mr. Le Dac Kien – Deputy General Director of VNPT Net and Mr. Ly Chi Duc - General Director of Potmasco. The contractors were Mr. Mikael Steinbach - General Director of Ericsson Vietnam and Mr. Le Ngoc Hoang - Deputy General Director of ITC JSC.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Nam Long - General Director of VNPT Net emphasized the significance of equipping a unified billing system for real-time services including voice, text and data serving many different types of subscribers. The system should be easy and flexible in the declaration of new tariffs and promotion. Regarding this ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Nam Long highly appreciates the work of Ericsson AB and ITC JSC, and especially believes that these groups are the leading solution providers of intelligent network (IN) services in Vietnam.

"I am confident that these smart and focused systems are ready to meet the diverse billing requirements for 4G / LTE technology subscribers," said Mr. Nguyen Nam Long. At the same time, he suggested that VNPT Net should work closely with Ericsson and ITC JSC to accelerate delivery procedures in time, as well as preparing human resources to implement projects in order to ensure quality performance and schedule of contracts.

Also at the ceremony, Mikael Steinbach - General Director of Ericsson Vietnam - representative of Ericsson AB / ITC contractor gave sincere thanks to VNPT Net for their trust and support. In the spirit of cooperation, Ericsson and ITC JSC pledged to increase their efforts in providing, installing and deploying equipment, training and technology transfer for VNPT Net. He also expressed his desire to work closely and effectively between the two parties to achieve the best results, and increase the prestige of both investors and contractors.

The representatives of the parties expressed their appreciation for the cooperation and hoped that they both will work closely together and actively support each other to carry out the project successfully.

Images at the ceremony:


Overview of the signing ceremony, which took place at the Head Office of VNPT Net.

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Representative of VNPT Net / Potmasco and Ericsson AB / ITC signed the contract.


Participants attended the signing ceremony.