From 04/01/2017 - 06/01/2017, ITC cooperated with Cisco Systems to successfully organize Cyber Range-security training in Hanoi. This is considered to be the most advanced technology system in the world in information security training and education

The training course received the attention of more than 20 trainees of many leading organizations including the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Mobifone Corporation, Central Post Department... The Cyber Range training immersed participants in simulated real-world cyber-attacks to train them on how to properly prepare for, respond to, and manage a broad variety of threats. This experience can be leveraged by companies, academicians, customers and government and their security teams

The training course helped trainees improve teamwork skills and respond quickly to information security incidents, address highly sophisticated threats or analyze malware infections. Trainees are guided by Cisco Systems experts who have top-level information security certifications such as CISSP, CCIE Security or CEH.

"No organization can be safe" as cybercriminals are increasing their intentional, organized, and highly targeted attacks. As one of the leading system integrators in Vietnam, ITC recognizes the importance of cyber-security skills as well as internal security processes. Therefore, the demand for training a cyber-security workforce and creating realistic cyber-attack experiences is crucial.

In recent years, normal security methods are no longer sufficient to cope with modern hacking techniques of hackers, especially the APT attack. The lack of information security training is a major flaw for organizations and businesses, especially in the context of cyber-attacks becoming much more complex. The Cisco Cyber Range is built on Israeli standards and is deployed on a virtualized basis, simulating almost all network systems of key agencies, organizations, enterprises, and typically systems such as servers, workstations, network devices, ICS / SCADA industrial controllers, IT systems and typical network security systems. The lab will use 200-500 different types of malware, ransomware and 100 attack cases to deliver realistic cyber-attack experiences.

The successful organization of the Cyber Range training is an important step towards the ITC JSC's strategic direction on information security, and affirms the company’s commitment to provide the highest quality security solutions for customers.

Here are some photos of the training course: