On the occasion of the ITC JSC’s 21st anniversary birthday (27/06/1995 – 27/06/2016), we have enjoyed our meaningful trip to the sunny and windy land of Quang Binh province.

All the employees has cozy stayed at Muong Thanh Nhat Le Luxury, one of the most luxury hotels in Quang Binh. The trip lasted 4 days 5 nights from 16/6/2016 to 21/6/2016 trip with participation of nearly 100 members. In addition to the aircraft, our company selected train as the main transportation, so that all members have an opportunity to communicate with each other more. The night train rolled at 9:05 pm from Hanoi. That night had become a sleepless night with all of no-end stories and exciting moments with many people, also brought a happy feeling instead of tired for long trip. 


From Hanoi, let’s head to Quang Binh

Quang Binh has welcomed ITC by brilliant sunshine morning on 17th June. Firstly, as soon as arrived in Quang Binh – land of sunshine and wind, we have visited Vung Chua Dao Yen (Swallow Island) to burn incense to commemorate General Vo Nguyen Giap. This was an opportunity for people to show gratitude,  increased enthusiasm to learn and work, follow the example of his faith, talent and simplicity  “a Vietnam General has entered to the world’s legend”.

The trip was remarkable for us to experience emotions of nostalgia, profound and deep in overwhelm with the landscape here. Soaking up with the burning Laos sun and wind and cruising on the white sand at poetic Nhat Le Beach so that the wave could caress the feet. ITC has reached to Paradise Cave, where the Creator bestowed the extraordinary grandiose stalactite cave system, known as “the empire in the dirt.” Cold air come from heart of the cave must work to reduce the sun and tired of the Central Land, which made people want to stay longer for taking souvenir pictures with the longest dry cave in Asia. We also have unforgettable experience when come to Mooc – the place combined of nature’s color by lake, river and rock to touch the cool waves or hitting kayak beside the truly raw forest.


Great moment in Paradise cave

Temporarily left Quang Binh, we went to the land of Quang Tri province to have our own eyes on the tunnel of Vinh Moc the legends underearth and sit quietly near Hien Luong river which brighted the hero spirit. When witnessing the strong evidence for the struggle for this persistence independence, our delegation admire the talent and extraordinary energy of Vinh Linh people as well as even more proud of tradition of heroes, steadfast and indomitable people of Vietnamese.


The tunnel of Vinh Moc – the legend underground

In addition to sightseeing venues, famous historical sites, ITC also organized collective actions to align more team members. On the evening of 17/06, ITC had a memorable culture exchange on the beach with singing and dancing. Continuously, the friendly exchange among BOD and brides and grooms of ITC with meaningful shares revolving around health and company culture issues that brought everyone a lot of useful information. Thank to this occasion, all members could learn more about the company where will be a solid prop for transmitting power to their wife/husband to build a sustainable ITC house.

And an integral part that contributed to saving more unforgettable memories of this occasion was Gala Dinner program “Summer Party – The heat is on!”


Excited with the opening repertory “Gentleman”

After an eventful flashmob, the talkshow opened with guests come from ITC. This a chance for everyone to express sincerely about those years working with ITC or the shares of youth in the way to asserted at ITC as well. That was a story about the attempt, the relentless efforts regarding both professional knowledge and the exercise at our workplace “protect yourself, protect the health to work well”.


Mr. Pham Cong Tuan – Director of Technology and Product and Ms. Nguyen Khanh Huyen – Public Relation Department said in an interview

A bold program “homegrown” that was unobtrusive but warm and full of color. Just over 1 month for preparing programs, all ITC members were in the role of singers and dancers had entered the night filled with music and emotions. Greatly bold in every song, each performance contained all member enthusiastic preparation with pride that had contributed to every meaningful minutes on stage.


Traditional Martial Arts Repertoire

The comedy repertoire “The Fate’’ was the most impressive part that portrayed company culture regarding aesthetic cultural development and spiritual life, health of ITC members from offices to public areas in our company. We laughed with the hidden charm of actors so as to realize interesting, meaningful messages hidden in it. ITC members are as very talented and humor as any professional actors.


The most impressive moment in comedy repertoire

After the moment of euphoria with performances, we grazed at the screen together to look back on 20 years of effort and development as well as 21 years old of company that marked enthusiasm and strong belief in youth. A year of success was not only come from sales but also come from people who made ITC culture become extremely unique. The speech by General Director Nguyen Quang Son that made everyone think: “ITC is the difference. Please tell us what your wish, what your aspiration. The company will promote you to achieve that ambition”. The speech was even more than an encouragement so as to drive force for development of each employee which ITC believes and hopes that everyone will try to chalk play, always work hard, overcome difficulties and to be worthy and potential of ITC cells. The song “The Bright Song” which has been associated with ITC members sung out loud in welcoming applause to the new age of 21.


BOD toasted and blew candle to welcoming birthday of 21

Ending journey, even without fun activities such as other regular teambuilding, but the collective activities were held together by ITC members were successful. The most importantly, the sincere between people was worth more than anything else. Hence, all members could understand each other more and more comfortable mentally to return to the chaos of work and life.

The grievous “Quang Binh! My hometown” song as pulling ITC brothers steps back. Parting with Quang Binh land, this trip had left deep, fun and meaningful memories. After this trip, all members had maintained the spirit of “Work hard, Play hard’’ so as to be able to build a stable, developing ITC together.