The global partner summit (Partner Summit) is an annual event of Cisco Systems, gathering leading partners of Cisco Systems in many countries with the aim of promoting relationships and honoring their global partners.

This was also an opportunity for leaders to meet, update new technology and share their vision. With more than 2000 partners from 85 countries, and 3000 audiences on Virtual Partner Summit, the 2016 event, focused on “Powered by Partnerships,” received attention and created a lot of interest in the technology world.


In 2016, the Cisco Partner Summit was held in San Diego, California, USA from 29th February to 3rd March. Through the topic “Powered by Partnerships”, the success was brought from the tight relationship between Cisco Systems and partners. Cisco highly appreciated the collaborative relationship and pledged to try their best to promote this relationship further and further. Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco, opened the partner summit with a great statement. He shared a meaningful message: “Winners in the next two decades will be those who hold the power of partnerships.” CRobbinsWS2-620x250

Mr. Chuck Robbins making opening statements at the Cisco Partner Summit 2016

In addition, Cisco also shared their vision on the field of technology such as Cloud computing, Digital Network Architect, Data Center, Internet of Things – IOT and Security, … to accommodate with the era of digital transformation in the coming years. As a Cisco Gold Partner with more than 10 years seniority of cooperation, ITC JSC received many prestigious partner awards from Cisco Systems like Top Service Provider Market Partner award in three consecutive years FY13, FY14 and FY 15 and Top System Integrator Partner FY 15. More than anyone else, ITC JSC understood the importance of partnership to the sustainable development of both parties and with the desire to reach modern technologies of the world as well as create opportunities to exchange, met global partners of Cisco. Mr. Pham Cong Tuan – President of Technology and Products - attended this summit. Mr Pham Cong Tuan spoke with Cisco and their partners on a strategic vision as well as modern technology trends to get an overview of the development of information technology, mobile technology and telecommunications globally in general and in Vietnam in particular.