* Quantity: 02 persons

* Job Description:

- Prepare tender documents.
- Implement projects: Conduct surveys, develop deployment plans, execute deployments at customer sites, project acceptance testing.
- Provide support to customers when their systems encounter issues.
- Research new products and solutions, advise the Customer Management department within the company to develop the market: propose solutions, equipment lists, and introduce solutions to customers.

* Requirements:

- Male, Bachelor's degree/Graduating from University in information technology, electronics, telecommunications.
- Age: 22-30.
- Candidates completed CCNA course. Preference for those with CCNA/CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification.
- Preferably experienced in deploying Metro networks, IP backbones, Cores.
- Knowledge of security, VoIP, Telecom.
- Systematic thinking ability.
- Proficient in English, especially reading skills.
- Able to identify and solve problems well. Willing to travel domestically and internationally.
- Have means of transportation (motorbike).

* Benefits:

- Competitive income up to 1500 USD/month.
- Year-end bonus based on job performance.
- High advancement opportunities.
- Social insurance and health insurance as per State regulations. Public holidays and Tet holidays off as per State and Company regulations.
- Full social welfare benefits: Annual vacation, monthly/quarterly picnics, participation in skill improvement training courses, cultural and sports activities.
- Especially, upon becoming an employee of the company, you will:
+ Participate in high-technical projects with clear career orientation and roadmap.
+ Be trained to take the CCIE certification exam.
+ Take an EQ test to build a DISC map (a model used to identify personality traits, behaviors) to create a personal Profile including Self Image (Nature), Work Mask (Behavior at work), and Under Pressure (Behavior under pressure) - thereby identifying strengths, weaknesses, and recommending suitable jobs to enhance strengths and address weaknesses.

* Application Submission Department: Interested candidates please send your CV to:

ITC Technology Transfer Consulting Company (ITC JSC)
Address: No. 10, Alley 81, Linh Lang, Cong Vi, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
Contact: Nguyen Thi Loan
Email: loannt@itc.com.vn
Tel: (024) 3766 0066