Cooperating with leading technology company in Video Management System (VMS) - Qognify, ITC provides VisionHub solution with flexible architecture and many outstanding features that are suitable for most customers in demand of deploying CCTV, VMS, security and safety systems.

1. Explore the Video Management technology

Video surveillance

  • The system allows 24/24 monitoring, viewing live images in real time or reviewing past images.
  • Multiple remote monitoring functions, displayed in multiple channels mode on one screen. Support display options in many different layouts, suitable for the purpose of use.
  • Control PTZ camera, support in user interface that allows direct pan / scan / zoom control for supported PTZ cameras, enhance monitoring capabilities at required angles.
  • Instant playback: on the Live display screen, the recording can be checked for suspicious events that have been missed, without having to switch to recording playback, and allows users to view live images of other channels

Recording and storing video

  • High quality recording: support for H.264, H.265, MPEG, MJPEG recording, ensure high quality videos for future use.
  • Manual recording: the system allows users to enable recording of live images captured from cameras and stop recording. Manual recording feature enables real-time recording of key moments.
  • Smart recording: Smart recording allows recording low resolution videos at normal times and switches to high resolution recording when there is alert. This function saves hard drive storage and still contains high resolution recordings.
  • Video recording on camera: this technology allows recording images on the cameras to the SD cards inside the camera, ensuring trouble shooting.

Play back the recording

  • Zoom in to see details clearly
  • Preview: move the mouse over the timeline to review the thumbnail preview, quickly locate and search for events.
  • Review and control speed on the toolbar: support fast forward mode of recordings according to desired speed.

Ability to upgrade and expand

  • Allow expanding the number of recording servers and new cameras to the system, the system allows unlimited expansion of the number of cameras
  • Allows upgrading the system configuration when the number of cameras increases

2. Solution Architecture  

Kiến trúc phân tán của VisionHub

  • Central administration server - Visionhub Application Management Server (AMS)
    • Support users to connect to perform monitoring operations, review recorded camera data in real time or old data.
    • Support to control PTZ cameras.
  • SVR recording server
    • Support features related to recording and storing Camera data, able to select from many different recording mechanisms, such as continuous recording or just saving events, manually recording when necessary.
    • Support to add recording servers when the demand arises.
  • Video analyzer server - Suspect Search
  • Mobile Viewer server

2.1. Support multiple deployment models

The architecture ensures availability:

  • Support video server redundancy (SVR) technologies
  • Support in integrating virtualized environment.

Expanded architecture:

  • Supporting additional functional servers according to the need of upgrading and expanding the system. Enable to add servers for recording, analyzing images ...

2.2. Modern user interface

                                                                       Ability to integrate maps

                                                             Alert integration


Reference price: 1,500 $ / channel

3.  The ability to support image analysis and processing features

Includes the following functions:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Crowd detection
  • Detect suspicious objects and vehicles
  • Automatic alarms system
  • Allow allocation, user decentralization to exploit and search.

Reference price: $ 14,000 / channel


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