Our Leadership

Success is expressed in competence, prestige and business morality respect

Our operating model is designed to deliver precise decisions

Mr. Nguyen Quang Son

President & CEO

"I hope that in the future, our company will have opportunity to accompany with many young faces - who will build and maintain our core values, along with customers, partners to dominate the 4.0 technology era and beyond"

Ms. Dang Vu Lan Phuong

Senior Vice President

"Proud to contribute to the construction of ITC JSC from the beginning, now I am confident that we have a strong financial foundation and ability to participate and deploy large projects of hundreds of billion."

Mr. Le Ngoc Hoang

Senior Vice President

"In companion with ITC JSC for nearly 20 years, and take opportunities from our company, customers and partners, I always respect and wish to accompany all people who want to make their dreams come true."

Mr. Pham Cong Tuan

SVP Solution & Technology

"Leading the latest technology trends, providing integrated solutions that deliver real value to our customers is our goal."

Mr. Le Viet Dinh

Senior Vice President, Non-Telco

"Inspiring the enthusiasm and assertiveness in business to ITC, I strongly believe that ITC will ensure the desired value to each customer and also the IT industry in the present and future."

Mr. Pham Viet Hoang

Senior Vice President, Non-Telco

"With the motto of "Prestige, Quality, Flexibility", I believe that ITC JSC is always a trusted partner with customers from government organizations, domestic and foreign enterprises.""

Ms. Nguyen Le Thanh

Vice President, Ho Chi Minh Branch

"To me, happiness is to contribute to the success of our customers with ITC JSC's capability of implementing and integrating the system. Customer credibility is a solid foundation for our company for over 22 years."