Charity Activities - Happiness is sharing

With the spirit of solidarity, ITC always allocate its budget for charity work, which does not only help many people in need but also contribute to the community development.

A Charity Day in Thai Nguyen

Over 60 ITC JSC members overcame the 140km journey to reach out the needy commune at Vu Chan, Vo Nhai, Thai Nguyen

Happy Saturday in Ninh Binh

ITC JSC visited and donated for Ninh Binh Social Protection Center to support disadvantaged people

Substainable Development

We pay great attention to the substainable development with activities to reduce wastes, protect the environment such as Eco-ITC Campaign, green workplace and etc.

Eco-ITC, a campaign to replace plastic bottles and bags with reusable and recyclable materials.

Green Workplace, a campaign to keep our office a green - clean - beautiful environment