Team-building is an indispensable activity at ITC. We organize biannually team building sessions so that members have a chance of networking, socializing and getting to know each other better and promote team spirit through interesting games. Besides, it also improves collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity.

Strength in Unity - Teambuilding 2021

On April 10, ITC team had a memorable Teambuilding trip at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - a tourist destination in the top 10 most beautiful resorts on the planet.

Stronger Together - Teambuilding 2020

Excited-Jubilant-Burned with laughter, the emotional imprints that still linger of all ITC members after the team building in the fall of 2020.

Sports Event - Teambuilding 2019

The combination of team games and sports brought a lively atmosphere, moments of teamwork, sweat and explosive moments of all members.


At ITC, all members are aware of the importance of teamwork. Working in teams boosts employee morale and motivation and bring the better business results. In addition, we are always willing to support our colleagues and develop friendly working relationships.


We always care about the lives of ITC members with meaningful birthday wishes and gifts.


ITCers are always willing to support each other in their work to successfully accomplish the common goals.