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Property management system

Instead of scanning and skimming thousands of reports, you just need our tool to manage all of your assets thanks to our system’s features: Booking management; Payment processing; Guest management; Revenue management; Multi-property functionality; Channel management

Franchise management

We provide you with a solution to exactly evaluate your franchising system when paperwork and direct interact are not suffice. Our customers can supervise operations of their companies anywhere, and, besides, canonicalize all data from them

Marketing platform

Our marketing platform can free you from dozens different tools by collecting your entire marketing funnel in one place as follows: Analytics; Blogging; Calls-to-action; CMS; Email; Landing pages; Lead management; Marketing automation; SEO; Social media

Autodispatching & tracking

Our Dispatching as a Service (DaaS) is a wonderful solution for both taxi companies and passengers to reduce the vacant taxi rate, the waiting time of customers, the driver’s intensity

B2B marketplace

Our B2B website offers customers tools to tell customers stories about their businesses, their products and other maverlous things that can unleash their any possible