1- Demand

Viettel is facing a changing environment with dominance of Video, Mobile and Cloud Services adoption in the consumer and business customers that challenges their networks and impacts their business return. In Mobile specifically while voice calls and texting used to dominate the mobile network market, mobile multimedia devices such as tablet computers and smartphones are now ubiquitous, running a wide variety of bandwidth-intensive applications and creating unprecedented growth in mobile data traffic.

2- Solution

ITC, based on Cisco Unified MPLS architecture, addresses this challenge by proposing a next generation network architecture evolution that integrates, scales, optimizes and innovates Fixed and Mobile services.

In the proposed solution architecture, we enables the convergence of IP Core and Metro in NGN through a Unified MPLS Mobile Transport Infrastructure coupled with a Flexible Service Edge integration complemented by a Consolidated Services Infrastructure supporting Fixed and Mobile services targeted to any screen. This next generation solution provides Viettel with a long term strategy for growth, flexibility and innovation.

Cisco Unified MPLS is a comprehensive RAN backhaul solution that forms the foundation for LTE service deployment while integrating components necessary to support legacy 2G and 3G transport services. It provides flexible cell site connectivity options, including integration of third-party microwave vendors. It supports both retail and wholesale backhaul options, and concurrent transport for residential and business services traffic over the same infrastructure..

P1 3- Benefits

  • Flexible deployment options for multiple platforms to optimally meet size and throughput requirements of differing networks.
  • High-performance solution, utilizing the highest capacity Ethernet metro routers in the industry. The components of this proposal can be in service for decades to come.
  • Tested and validated reference architecture that allows Viettel to leverage a pre-packaged framework for different traffic profiles and subscriber services.
  • Promotes significant capital savings from various unique features such as pre-tested solutions, benchmarked performance levels, and robust interoperability, all of which are validated and prepackaged for immediate deployment.
  • Enables accelerated time-to-market based on a pre-validated, turnkey system for wireline service delivery and mobile service backhaul.
  • ITC and Cisco's IP expertise is available to Viettel deploying the proposed solution through Cisco Services. These solutions include physical tools, applications, and resources plus training and annual assessments designed to suggest improvements to the network.