Customer: Viettel IDC

  1. Introduction

Despite of establishing in 2007 by co-operation between Chunghwa Telecommunication Group and Viettel Corporation, Viettel IDC has quickly grown to be one of the leading providers in Vietnamese Internet data center service market.

With 2 data centers up to the international standard Tier 3 – TIA 942 at Phap Van (Hanoi) and Hoang Hoa Tham (Ho Chi Minh) in operation, Viettel IDC is speeding up construction of 2 more data centers: Song Than (Binh Duong) and Hoa Lac (Hanoi) with larger scale in order to provide customers with the best data center services.

  1. Demand

In addition to the main current services as: renting space for equipment placement, servers, hosting & email and so on, Viettel IDC always aims to offer more advanced and more convenient services for customers. Not only the infrastructure and equipment development but also the optimal use of resources, capital, implementation, operation and management cost savings are the extremely important factors contributing to the success of the large service provider as Viettel IDC. The current process of providing services itself is also a barrier in providing customers with quick and effective service due to requirements of costly manpower and time taken.

  1. Solution

With experienced technicians who are always proactive to approach the new technology, ITC successfully consulted and implemented for Viettel IDC solution of data center providing services for customers on the basis of cloud computing platform using Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (CIAC).

The system based on the infrastructure with the most modern equipment of the leading suppliers in the world as Cisco ASR9000, Cisco UCS, EMC VNX5000, Vmware which contributed to powerful network infrastructure, processing  and storage. Despite known in recent years, Cisco CIAC solution has proved its flexibility and innovation through self-service portal (interaction support for both administrators and end-users), automation orchestrator has ability to variously integrate with the system of the third-party.

Through self-service portal, customers need only to choose the desired kind of service with the detailed input information after receiving the request, the system automatically transfers it to the specialized staff for confirmation and process. The solution itself allows automatically providing servers according to prebuilt templates without intervention of administrators. After receipt of the server as requested, users are able to monitor and manage their use of service on the same portal as used originally.

  1. Benefit

Saving time: the time of registration, approval and service provision are shortened from several days to several minutes/ hours.

Improving system performance: The new system is comprehensively virtualized, so density of server/ device is higher, providing services for more customers.

Increasing customers’ satisfaction: The system using self-service portal helps customers more positive in registering, choosing service and managing their use of service.

Decreasing operation cost: Virtualization makes a decrease in power consumption and equipment cooling; automation system saves labor cost in operation, management and system maintenance