Customer: Viettel Group

1- Demand

- IT application trend for enterprises in the world

+ According to Gartner (2014), there will have been 30% of enterprises putting their core applications (ERP) on Cloud until 2018

+ According to Computerword (2014), about 45% of large companies used SAP on Cloud.

+ There was some enterprises in the world moved core applications to Cloud, including:

  • Intel IT Center migrated all SAP-based ERP applications and more than 120 other applications.
  • The Domino Sugar Group moved their entire core application to Cloud.
  • The Lanx Group moved their critical applications to Cloud.

- Demand in Vietnam

+ Enterprise’s leasing core applications solution on the Cloud platform such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial Management, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management.

+ Service Potential:

  • Many large enterprises are currently using SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) (applications available for the Cloud platform) for core applications such as General Department of Taxation, The State Bank of Vietnam, Petrolimex, Vinamilk, Vietnam Steel Corporation.
  • Providing cloud services to small and medium enterprises in Vietnam such as Backup as a service (BaaS), Archive as a Service (AaaS).

2- Solution

The Virtustream hybrid cloud solution meets all of your business requirements. Virtustream deployment is diverse and suitable for every customer's needs:


The cloud Virtustream solution is packaged under the form of xStream software

  •  For private clouds, xStream software can be installed on your hardware and distributed as a managed service.
  • For public clouds, all xStream’s benefits are available as cloud management services provided from Virtustream's global cloud. Customers can benefit from this service without building their own cloud system.
  • Virtustream provides public cloud xStream for service providers and government, and allow them to provide cloud services to their customers.

3- Benefit

With EMC Cloud Virtustream solution provided by ITC JSC, Viettel will become one of the first cloud providers in Vietnam, which brings great benefits to businesses and organizations when using this service:

  • Customers can start using core applications on the Cloud with low initial costs.
  • Using the service immediately without spending much time (several months to 1 year) to deploy services as traditional investment.
  • Businesses only focus on business since the supplier will be in charge of the system operation.