Customer: MobiFone Corporation

1- Demand

Enterprises are seeking to balance the need for large, centralized data centers and the need for excellent user experiences in remote and branch offices with larger user communities. Small and medium-sized businesses are seeking ways to run a compact, self-contained computing infrastructure that is economical and efficient and that offers the potential for growth.

Desktop virtualization can help meet these challenges. However, for midsize customers, one of the main barriers to entry is the capital expense required to deploy proof of concept (PoC,) pilot, and development environments. For smaller customers, deployment of a desktop virtualization system for fewer than 300 users is cost prohibitive.

2- Solution

To overcome these entry-point barriers, ITC has been developed a virtual desktop solution based on Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and Dell server, storage. The solution can support more than 700 Mobifone’s staffs in remote location, providing high level user experience, improved security as well as centralized desktop management.


3- Benefits

  • Increase employee productivity and business mobility in a single solution, without compromising security.
  • Deliver remote access while addressing privacy, compliance, and risk management mandates.
  • Reduce IT complexity by centralizing app and desktop management and automating common tasks.
  • Free up IT time and budget by simplifying app, desktop, and data management.