From 18/07/2016 to 04/08/2016, ITC collaborated with Cisco Systems and successfully organized the training course of SON software operation. Ten students from Viettel Network Corporation were awarded certificates for having completed the training course successfully.

SON (Self – Optimizing – Network) is a software program meant to optimize the quality of Radio wave of 2G/3G mobile and advanced mobile technologies such as 4G and Smallcell. This software can automatically adjust parameters on BSC/RNC and cells by sending commands to OSS, helps operators improve the quality of mobile network system in accordance with the KPI evaluation criteria. The system automatically helps telecommunications service providers not to have to optimize by manual methods and ensures that the network in will always reach its maximum efficiency. SON project was invested by Viettel Network Corporation that has been developed with the 21000 cells in Hanoi. Joining the training course co-organized by ITC and Cisco System, engineers from Viettel Network Corporation have been trained how to operate and use SON software and have successfully completed the final test with honorable results.

For ITC, the success of organizing the training course of operating SON software and deploying the SON project for Viettel Network Corporation in general is an important step in the development orientation of Mobility field to the market of the block of telecommunications service providers. The intensive training course, with the guidance of ITC expert, has shown the ITC culture, which not only brings the best solutions at the most appropriate costs, but ITC also works to link and to transfer intensive technological knowledge from countries with advanced technologies in the USA and Europe to customers in Vietnam.


Foreign expert of Cisco Systems guided trainees how to operate SON software


The trainees received certificates of completion for the first course


The students exchanged frank and open conversations about how to operate the software