Customer: Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS)

  1. Demand

VMS has a large mobile network systems nation- wide, offering a wide range of over 40 different services. Its agent system is connected to the company network through normal accounts and pass- words. Therefore, in terms of information security, VMS always faces the risks that may occur regularly due to numerous reasons, especially reasons related to passwords.

   2. Solution

VMS project was implemented in three large cent- ers including: VMS1 in Hanoi, VMS2 in HCMC, and VMS3 in Can Tho City and in the company's   office in Hanoi. The number of authentication servers is up to 5 and 1500 token cards for user authentication purpose. RSA SecurID solution has been integrated and used successfully with many VMS systems such as Active Directory system, Routers / Switches system, Cisco Aironet wireless system, SSL VPN system, Windows VPN system, and Checkpoint firewall system. VMS is now successful exploiting and using the two-factor network authentication system, and planning to expand in VMS3 center 3 in Danang.

  1. Benefit
  • Strong network security;
  • Safe authentication
  • Convenient and simple for end users.